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Folkestone Quarterhouse

The Folkestone Quarterhouse is our town’s most diverse venue for entertainment, culture and arts.  It’s the Creative Folkestone’s theatre space, bar and office centre for local, national and international artists.

The building is fondly referred to as the ‘cheese grater’.  In 2010, its designer Alison Brooks Architects won the Kent Design Award Best Public Building. It has a scallop-shelled façade that drapes, like a curtain, surrounding the entire building.

Inside is a community space where festivals and events are held throughout the year. Salt, Festival Of The Sea And Environment, International Women’s Day, Normal? Festival of the Brain, the Folkestone Book Festival are all based here. The Folkestone Fringe works with Creative Folkestone to spread performances and experiences in venues across Folkestone.

international acts

The Folkestone Quarterhouse attracts Britain’s favourite comedians, actors and performance companies; past and future guests have been Lucy Porter, Mark Steel and more.  Live showings of National Theatre and Royal Opera House events mean we have a chance to see West End performances in Folkestone.  The 250 seat venue is also a great place to see a wide variety of films.

In addition to professional performances, there are workshops and holiday clubs for young people in dance, acting and the creative arts.

community space

As well as being a performance space, there is an upstairs area called The Clearing which is used for meetings of the Folkestone Women’s Forum.  Parent and baby groups meet here as well as many other groups.  The gothic cathedral-esque wooden architecture was created by Studio Ben Allen for the 2017 Creative Folkestone Triennial.  It’s floor to ceiling mirrors give the illusion of a vast space that is still intimate.

Photo Credit: Auditorium and Auditorium Doors by Matt Rowe

Folkestone Quarterhouse
Folkestone Artwork

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